Answer: The Potrero Hill Neighborhood House

The Potrero Hill Neighborhood House is a multi-purpose, multi-generational community center that has been in operation for over a century. In the settlement era, the Neighborhood House first served as an educational and social center for Russian immigrants who came to Potrero Hill in 1905. In 1907 the Neighborhood House was first established as, the California Synodical Society of Home Missions Inc., they envisioned the Neighborhood House to be a pillar of the community, offering programs to enrich the lives of individuals and enhance the quality of life for all residents. Because of the growing needs and population on the hill, in 1921, the renowned architect, Julia Morgan, was commissioned to design and build a permanent neighborhood house, which was accredited with Landmark status in 1977. The Neighborhood House officially became the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House in 1952.