Answer: Fort Funston

Fort Funston is a rugged stretch of coastal headlands, sand, and dunes south of Ocean Beach. In some places, the dunes reach heights of 200 feet or more. At the foot of Fort Funston’s cliffs is a wild and windy beach suitable for walking or horseback riding. Trails down to the beach scale the steep dunes with Dutch sand ladders. On the beach, you’ll find shells, sand dollars, seaweed, and other signs of marine life.

These great sandy bluffs, combined with the steady ocean breeze, make Fort Funston one of the premier hang-gliding spots in the nation. Between late March and October, when the west winds blow strong, hang-gliders fill the skies over Fort Funston’s long beach, coastal trails, and sand-covered gun battery. Fort Funston is a Hang-III (intermediate) site with a launch area and wheelchair-accessible viewing deck.