There is an an excellent article in the SF Business Times about the rebound in the condo market. Here is the Socketsite coverage of the article that has links to further articles.

Sales Office Stats: 555 Bartlett, 829 Folsom, LindenHayes, And Union


Sales office stats by way of the San Francisco Business Times for a few of the smaller new condo developments about town:

555 Bartlett: 31 (including 9 BMR) of 46 units in contract

829 Folsom: 19 of 69 units in contract
LindenHayes: 21 of 31 units in contract
Union: 64 of 76 units in contract or closed

“Pricing of these projects is a good 25 to 30 percent below the peak of the last cycle with prices hovering in the $600 to $750 a square foot range now. Buyers are bargaining hard while developers are lucky to recoup their equity or eke out a slim profit.”

San Francisco condos rebound — in a small way [San Francisco Business Times]

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