Although you could be months away from closing, here are some items you can address right away to help ensure a smooth transaction:

  • Request a copy of the property deed from your title company, and make sure the names match the names represented as owners.
  • Has there been death or divorce since the owners took title? If yes, spousal deeds, affidavits of death, or court orders may be required.
  • Is this a Short Sale? Let your Escrow Officer know.
  • How many loans is the owner paying, and what type of loans are they (FHA, VA, conventional, HELOC, etc.)? If the sellers have an FHA loan, try to avoid closing the last two days of the month. If the loan isn’t paid off by the last day of the month, the seller will owe an additional month’s interest.
  • The owner should complete a Statement of Information and submit it to the title company when escrow is opened.
  • Will a power of attorney be used? If so, submit it to your title company to review for sufficiency for title insurance purposes in California.
  • Sellers should not pack away documentation regarding the property such as divorce decrees, death certificates, court orders, and loan information. They may be requested by your title company to facilitate your closing.