Monterey Heights

This small single-family neighborhood is nestled on the south slope of Mount Davidson. Bordered on the east by Yerba Buena Drive and San Jacinto Way on the west, it is crossed with “the woods” streets: Ravenswood, Maywood, Fernwood, Rosewood. The first two-story custom homes constructed in the 1920s were as large and nice as those next-door in St. Francis Wood. Construction halted during the Depression until 1938 when split-level houses with garages were added through 1942. “Uphill from St. Francis Wood, along streets that swirl around a small peak, are big houses with big dogs and big cars out front. For a city that was mostly developed with single-car garages, this neighborhood is uncommon for the number of double occupancy car shelters. Front windows reveal a striking preference for flouncy satin draperies. The total effect is one of an extremely handsome neighborhood.” (courtesy Nelson Foss.)


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