Last week, Barbara Corcoran, Real Estate Expert for the Today Show cited the top five city home markets which were stabilizing and poised for recovery. She used the following as her criteria for evaluation:

–       Affordability

–       Low rate of foreclosures

–       Appreciation (per the National Association of Realtors)

–       Strong job market & low unemployment

Top 5

#5 – Charleston, West Virginia

#4 – Memphis, TN (prices went up 21% due to jobs — & Fed-X now there)

#3 – Phoenix, AZ (was 1st city to drop in price — median price is $144K now, so affordable for many)

#2 – Pittsburg, PA (up 5% in last year alone — they’ve invited in various industries, much like we have here in SF, and so it sustains them and attracts jobs and workers — and city really cleaned up too)

#1 – San Francisco, CA — THE #1 PICK in the U.S. (attractive internationally too — it’s the most popular city to migrate to).

 If you want to watch the clip,  you can go to: , scroll down the page to the “Tech & Money” section, then click on the video “5 Housing Markets Ripe for Recovery.”