Hi Everyone,

The woes facing our country’s economy have led a lot of naysayers to forecast doom and gloom in the real estate markets, but I feel compelled to share a recent string of articles I came across that assumes a different view:


Playing the Housing Slump
The Wall Street Journal – March 12, 2008

“Time to invest? I wouldn’t be surprised to see home prices drop sharply this spring, as long-suffering sellers in hard-hit areas throw in the towel and slash their asking price.”


Ignore the Headlines
TIME Magazine – February 14, 2008

“But let’s say you are emotionally ready to be a homeowner. You have good credit, plan to stay put for five years and have been waiting for the perfect entry point. It’s time to get serious–before an inevitable rise in interest rates wipes out your advantage.”


Superstar Cities Defy Downturn
San Francisco Chronicle – March 9, 2008

The Bay Area is one of the top-performing centers” in the United States, Florida said. “Despite it being extraordinarily costly, the Bay Area still offered enough economic incentives, innovation and amenities to offset the expense of living there.”


Get Started on the House Hunt
Inman News – December 27, 2007

“If you’ve never bought a home before, you should use an agent who is a good communicator and who will take the time to explain the process. Also, keep in mind that your agent will be interfacing with the other parties in the transaction. You want someone you trust and who you are sure will represent you professionally and work diligently on your behalf.”


While there has certainly been an economic downturn, these articles make it clear that there is a bright side to the situation, and with proper guidance, there is great potential to benefit from current market conditions. I’m happy to hear what you think and to share my perspectives, so feel free to leave me a comment.

– Jane