“I have been fortunate to have Jane Poppelreiter as my Real Estate Agent for 3 separate transactions for over a million dollars each. She sold my duplex for $1.5 million in 2006 and it is the highest value sale to date in the neighborhood (Outer Sunset) in San Francisco. At the same time she found  a lovely view condo for me downtown when I needed to change my residence. She just completed the sale of this condo for over asking price this very day making a nice profit for me. Her attention to detail and marketing sense has served me very well. She also was instrumental in finding the home I am living in now in a more quiet area of San Francisco. I cannot say enough about how likely I am to recommend her. Several fellow condo dwellers wanted to know who she was when they saw her stunning presentation of my condo using the best stagers in town and the most skilled craftsmen.”