“When my sister and I agreed to sell our father’s SF home, the main challenges arose from our each living across the country in different states and from the pandemic severely limiting our willingness to travel. After my sister asked me to handle the house sale entirely, my husband and I used the internet to identify a half dozen agents who looked promising. Based on email exchanges and phone calls, we scheduled meetings with 4 of these agents and booked a short trip to SF. All of the agents we interviewed were experienced and successful, but Jane immediately impressed us with her familiarity with the neighborhood market, decisive recommendations on how best to prepare the house for sale, specific cost vs. benefit figures on remodeling, and calm no-nonsense hands-on approach to working with her clients.

Jane fulfilled our highest expectations and hopes in every way. She proved absolutely trustworthy and unflappable—whether I informed her that the house would not be available for her painters, etc., until a week later than originally agreed upon due to family members’ schedules or an inspection discovered a buried tank on the property. Her close working relationships with expert vendors and familiarity with inspection requirements and processes proved invaluable. As importantly, she updated us regularly on both good and bad developments.

When the house went on the market, it looked so transformed by minor cosmetic changes at an amazingly low cost to us that friends advised us to keep it and move into it ourselves! Within a week, Jane had secured a non-contingency contract above the asking price which my sister and I were happy to accept. Buyers or sellers who work with Jane can be confident that she will be their sincerest, hardest-working, most trustworthy, efficient, and knowledgeable advocate.”