“Around the beginning of this year my wife and i decided we had had enough of rising rents and decided to start looking for our own home through Jane. Probably stating the obvious here, but buying a home especially in SF is not an easy or stress-free task – you need someone who not only knows the  business but someone who can immediately tune themselves to you, your budget, tastes and the types of options that work for you. Jane is all this and more. Every weekend and Tuesday (for brokers tour), Jane had a list of great candidate houses lined up and it seemed every list was better than the last – until we finally found the right house last February, in the right neighborhood, for the right price. Even though we don’t believe we were the highest bidders on this house, Jane’s experience guided us build a really great case for the homeowners to offer it to us – lets just say that a personal touch goes a long way when making an offer. We have since recommended Jane to friends of ours who are also really impressed with Jane’s honest, direct approach and her ability to tune her search to their needs.”

Tahira & Rob