“We have bought and sold three properties in the past several years. As buyers and sellers, we worked with several agents none of whom was as professional, competent and results-oriented as Jane Poppelreiter. In our selection process for someone to represent us in this latest sale, Jane struck us to  be the most comfortable to relate to in terms of her approach to the sale, her vision for the property and for her warmth and directness. Another attraction was that Jane has in place an expert team of very capable vendors with whom she has fostered a great working relationship towards the goal of having a reliable, predictable team to offer home upgrade services. Early in the process Jane developed a rough cost estimate and quite amazingly the eventual upgrades and staging came very close to budget. The team’s efforts, at Jane’s direction, resulted in a dramatic transformation of our home into a contemporary property. Jane’s approach to pricing, advertising and high-quality marketing materials was spot-on. Small wonder that our home was sold so quickly and for 30+% over the asking price! We highly recommend Jane Poppelreiter.”

Sudhir & Emilia