Weekly activity charts from Broker Metrics for San Francisco houses, condos, TICs, co-op apartments and 2-4 unit buildings for the past 6 months ending March 18, 2012:

Inventory of Active Available Listings: Declining when typically at this time of year it would be significantly climbing. Dramatically low levels of inventory – over 700 fewer (about 40%) active listings than the same time last year.

Active Listings Accepting Offers: Climbing, very high considering the amount of inventory available to buy – matching or exceeding numbers in the autumn high season.

Percentage of Listings Accepting Offers: Some of these percentages will drop a little as deals fall through, but even so recent weeks have seen percentages almost twice as high as one year ago, which themselves were significantly higher than in 2010.

New Listings Coming on Market: Many fewer (about 22%) new listings coming on market as compared to this time last year and since listings are now accepting offers as quickly as new listings come on market, inventory is remains terribly low, clearly inadequate to satisfy demand.