Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the inaugural post of my blog, Details Matter. This will be a forum for me to share subjects and articles that I think are interesting and useful to anyone who follows our crazy real estate market.

My favorite quote of the month comes from famed money manager, Peter Lynch who said “There has rarely been a moment in history when you couldn’t scare yourself into doing nothing”. He also said that a top reason to not buy stocks is if you don’t already own a home – in which case, that should be your first investment, since an owner occupied home is nearly always profitable. You can read the entire article, ” Ignore the Headlines!”

I invite you to make suggestions for future topics and I encourage you to ask any questions. If you haven’t had an opinion of value on your home in a while, I’m happy to help there too.

Thanks for your interest and if you do not wish to receive this mail in the future, please email me and I will remove you from the list.